Project Name

Guerillas in Flatland

Project Description

An online new media exhibit at Shanghai Power Station of Art - 2020 Emerging Curator Program

In Collaboration with Eraince Wang




  • Vue
  • Nuxt.js
  • Net Art

"As a reponse to the special COVID-19 situation, the “Emerging Curators Project 2O2Online” (ECP 2O2Online), initiated by the Power Station of Art last year, has decided to embrace a major innovation – the edition will not host physical offline sessions, and instead, shift to never-seen-before exhibition experiences exclusive to the online world and encourage curators, artists and programmers to work together for inspiring cross-disciplinary creative endeavors." - Power Station of Art

"Guerillas in Flatland" is an online intervention of showcasing young Chinese new media artists' work on the internet. As the lead developer of the team, I built the technical demo site that our team used to win the open call funding proposal in fall 2020. In spring 2021, alongside our curational team, Eraince Wang(another web technologist) and I carry out a two-month-long web development plan of a virtual exhibit. The exhibit is a network of interconnected websites where we duplicate existing web and social media interfaces, embed artists' work into popup ads, navbars, buttons, preview thumbnails, chat boxes, and other interactive components that are native to the web. Every artist's work situates in a unique website that's individually built. Each website contains hyperlink portals camouflaged as buttons or clickable elements, which lead to other websites that house other digital artwork.

a reel of selected artwork sites from "Guerillas in Flatland"